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My name is Sam. Six years ago I moved to Canada from India with dreams of becoming a dentist. Once I arrived on the Vancouver Island, BC, I was bombarded with the difficulties of transferring licenses so I went to school in Toronto to become a dental hygienist. Though I've moved all over BC to find work I am now back to Vancouver - one of the most expensive cities in Canada.

Through an over-saturated industry, sparse shifts, and back paining hours I knew this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my professional career. As life continues to slide by the options of what I could do instead weighed heavy on my mind. My fiancé and I are planning two weddings, and even she is not fulfilled with her career in office administration, children will be on the way and then more bills and more life - I needed more financial security! I couldn't believe that with all my education and licenses I was not making the money I thought I would and I wasn't feeling happy. I couldn't continue this path any longer.

Scrolling through Facebook one day I saw this ad that sparked my interest. I was intrigued by how I too could "Become my own Boss". Little did I know it was this simple link that would change my life, and my family's life forever. The mentor-ship I have gotten has alone been life changing. The support I have experienced from this phenomenal community has been so warming, inspirational, and uplifting. No one is left behind and it is as simple and wholesome as that.

With this digital business I will be able to save for retirement and help my parents as they enter retirement. I'll be able to travel, enjoy the finer things in life, and generally live more comfortably. Money isn't everything but it sure does make everything easier. And being my own boss is definitely a top bonus.

I would love to hear from you about your life's trials and tribulations, what has brought you here today, and why do you want more. Message me and I would be pleased to share this opportunity that changed my life and my whole family's life forever. I am never looking back, and you don't have to either!
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Sam Soudermett